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Dedicate a Star
Show your special someone how much you truly care for them.
"Randomly, I got a text message saying a star had been dedicated to me. My star was the beginning of a scavenger hunt holding a message that lead me to hot chocolate, a cashmere blanket and an incredible lookout spot with a telescope. BEST DATE EVER! :)"
My fiancé Dan has been so amazing to me the past 3 years, and so for his birthday I wanted to get him something amazing. A star named with his favorite word "Geniusus" I thought would do just the trick. When I showed my fiancé his star to him on his birthday, his eyes lit up and he was so pumped to have received a gift so epic! He talks about his star all the time and I truly felt blessed I could give him something almost as amazing as him.
Casandra Gantert, Holland, MI
I'm working in Afghanistan at the moment and the ability to dedicate the star for my wife was a way to make a nice gesture and bring us closer together.
Greg Donahoe, Warren, MI
When my sister dedicated my star to me, we were in the middle of a 2 month long argument. This was the first step in resolution and brought us closer together as brother and sister. We now communicate on a daily basis and love each other more than we ever had. This would not have happened without the dedication of that star.
Zachary Griffin Everett, Massachusetts
I bought it for my young grand daughter in hopes that she will always look up at the sky and remember her "mema" long after I am gone.
JoMarie Park Leicester, NY
I asked my son what he wanted to get daddy he said "ssstaaarrr"! It meant a lot to daddy! Some people say diamonds are forever but I beg to differ... Stars are!
Kaysley Hoff-Strain, Texas
My best friend was in ICU for almost three weeks over Christmas, and I wanted to give her something special. I purchased a star so she would look up and always remember how much I love and care about her.
Holly Horak-Dallas, TX
I was looking for something different for a valentine's gift for my boyfriend for valentine's day... we were reunited after 28 years and felt it was our destiny to be together- so I gave him a star and named it "destiny". He proposed to me valentine's evening... so the star became even more significant to us. Thank you!!
Jayme Lampe, Sacramento, CA
It helped grow a stronger bond between my boyfriend's daughter and myself as I helped her put together the Star Dedication for her father for Father's Day this year.
MG Balenzano
It helped my fiancé realize that I was serous about our relationship and wanted to take it to the next step. After seeing that she was in the night sky my fiancé hasn't stopped looking for her star.
When my daughter in law was fighting cancer and things looked less than stellar (see, stellar - star, how appropriate is that!), the star was perfect. It is a permanent and public way to honor her struggle. As long as that star shines, she will be cancer free.
Rachael Marie, Chico, California
I dedicated my star to my now fiancé for Valentine's Day. I told him no matter where life takes us we could look up and know we are written in the stars. It must've worked because now we're engaged!
Kylee Pictum, Las Vegas, NV
I am giving my boyfriend the star for our two-year anniversary. On one of our first dates we star gazed so it will be a perfect gift.
Vanessa Salmo, East Lansing, MI
You helped by solidifying a family that couldn't be physically together in the same house. WE all look at the stars and know we are together.
Ruby Valdez-Sanchez, Sausalito, Ca
My 8-year-old daughter goes out of state a lot with her dad for visitation. I gave her the star to remind her that when we are apart we still look at the same sky and can be together when we are missing each other.
Amy Golightly, Peru IL

Dedicate Your Star:

Dedicate Your Star:

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I want to dedicate a star to my youngest son, Ryan, who doesn't seem to believe that he lives up to his brother. I want him to understand how special he is to me.
Alice Chasey from Port Orange, Florida
I want to dedicate a star to my husband who passed away a few months ago. I would love to be able to give my son a star named after his best friend and father. Rob is the love of my life; it would be great to know he us watching over us forever.
Lana French from Kent, WA
I want to dedicate a star to my two young sons, Johnathan and Nathaniel. They both love everything to do with space!
Heather Peacock from Eureka, CA
I want to dedicate a star to my brother. We lost him almost 15 years ago when he was 7. It would be nice to show my family the coordinates and look up in the sky for him.
Erica Gandara from Pearsall, TX
I'd name a star after my Dad. He recently had a stroke June 10, 2013. I'm his only caregiver and I wouldn't change it for the world! He has taught me to be strong and to overcome any obstacle that here may be! He's the best Dad any girl can ask for!!!! I'll always be a Daddy's Girl!
Crissy Fulton from Denver,CO
I want to dedicate a star to my mom's dog who we just had to put down yesterday, Nika, who was my mom's best friend. My mother is a very strong individual but is completely heartbroken and I want to honor our big dog so that every time my mom looks into the sky she can think of Nika.
Sarah Brown from Brighton, MA
My sister is a teacher and she changes lives every day with the kids that she teaches. She deserves to have a star that shines as bright as she does.
Stephanie Burks from Bloomington, IN
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